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About what is good for the goose

Western Bureau

Two weeks ago, I wrote a column entitled, 'Wanted - capable leaders out west', and I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised by the feedback I have been getting, especially with regard to my criticism of the Hanover FA, which is being led by executive officer of the Jamaica Football Federation, Lorraine Scringer.

Subsequent to the column, a former board member of the Hanover FA sought me out and explained to me that I had only touched the tip of what he considered an unsavoury iceberg. He proceeded to outline to me situations that to my mind, are making a mockery of what one would expect from the parent body for football in a parish.

One revelation that I found absolutely shocking was a claim that board meetings are not a part of the football set-up in Hanover, and that some executive members have never had the experience of sitting in a board meeting and discussing the affairs of the parish's football. Now if that scenario is true, then Hanover's football definitely needs to change course.

It has also come to my attention that one of the persons who signs on the bank account of the Hanover FA is no longer a board member and has not been almost six years. Unless my understanding of the JFF's constitution is seriously flawed, such as situation would be unconstitutional, in addition to falling outside of the scope of what would be considered acceptable and prudent.

I have noticed that within recent times, the JFF has come down on the St. Ann FA and has stripped elected officials of their powers for alleged irregularities. While I can't say definitively that anything illegal is happening in Hanover, in light of some of the things being said, I believe that what is good for the 'goose' in St. Ann should be good for the 'gander' in Hanover.

lack of interest

As I stated in the column, 'Wanted - capable leaders out west', I am concerned about the seeming lack of interest by the JFF with regard to its stated objective to 'promote and develop the game of football.' believe the federation is falling down on its responsibility and needs to take its duties seriously.

Insofar as Hanover is concerned, I know that there are capable leaders in that parish. I refuse to believe that if the expertise, knowledge and contacts of the likes of Sheridan Samuels, Craig Oates, Anthony 'Follies' Williams and Emerson 'Diggy' Henry are properly utilised, Hanover cannot become a powerful football parish instead of the limping wimp it is today.

While my primary focus is on Hanover today, as I have been saying in recent months, I am not at all pleased with the state of western Jamaica's football in general. As a region with a strong history of producing national players and winning NPL championships, I find it hard to accept that we have fallen so far behind eastern Jamaica, especially Kingston and St. Andrew.

To be absolutely frank, I believe what is now happening is a source of great disrespect to the legacy of the likes of André Andrews, Paul 'Tegat' Davis, Warren Barrett, Hector Wright, Aaron Lawrence, the late Caple Donaldson, Steve Malcolm and Winston Anglin.

On reflection, I can't help but acknowledging that our past success was as a result of the high-quality leadership the region got from the likes of Westmoreland's Frank 'Bim' Williams, St. James' Wesmore Thomas, Trelawny's Glenworth 'Pecky' Brown and Hanover's Anthony Marks, individuals who projected football above self.

It is no wonder that KSAFA is currently doing so well. Like we did in the '80s and '90s, they now have top-quality leaders such as Ambassador Stewart Stephenson, Clyde Jureidini, Carvel Stewart, Andrew Pryce, Bruce Bicknell and the Hon. Edward Seaga, whose collective vision, hard work and dedication have contributed to the success now being seen at Harbour View, Tivoli Gardens, Waterhouse and Boys' Town.

NB. Please feel free to send your feedback to

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