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No Problem leads way in tournament

Kwesi Mugisa, Staff Reporter

STORMY SEAS gave way to brilliant late evening sunshine as seven marlin were tagged and released when the second day of the Port Antonio International Marlin tournament came to a close at the Old Port Antonio Marina yesterday.

The vessel No Problem tagged and released two marlin today, adding to one on Monday and giving it the overall tournament lead while Bye Pass, La Nadine, Precious Cargo and One Love tagged a marlin each, to put the day's total five below yesterday's overall count of 12.

However, for the rest of the vessels, it was a tough day for the most part despite a few of them landing a few bill-fish.

"It was rough day on the seas today, it was windy, stormy, but in the end it was an average day of fishing," said Ron DuQuesnay, chairman of the Sir Henry Morgan Angling Association. "We'll take a break tomorrow, but I expect us to close the tournament on Thursday and Friday with better results," the chairman, who angles on board the vessel, Dianna, said. Dianna was one of 30 boats to tag and release no Marlin yesterday. On board Rhapsody, which at times rampaged up and down like a fierce bull trying to get rid of an unwanted rider, the luck seemed to bounced their way.

The total amount of marlin tagged and released in the two days so far is now 19 and with three days still left to go in the competition, it may even approach or surpass last year's 37, the best overall result in nine years The competition takes a break today as it will be the turn of the canoes to show their prowess at catching big fish when the 22nd Port Antonio Marlin tournament gets under way at 8:00 a.m.